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Get ready basketball fans, because the NBA In-Season Tournament Prize has been announced as the tournament is about to kick off in the 2023-24 regular season. This thrilling new competition will take place from November 3 to November 28, with the championship round set for December 9. Alongside the coveted NBA Cup, there are exciting NBA In-Season Tournament Prize awaiting the standout players and teams.

Details of NBA In-Season Tournament Prize

StagePrize Pool
QuarterfinalsTeam: $50,000
SemifinalsTeam: $100,000
ChampionshipTeam: $200,000
WinnerTeam: $500,000

The NBA Cup: A Grand Achievement

The team that emerges victorious in the NBA In-Season Tournament will etch their names in history as the very first recipients of the prestigious NBA Cup. This remarkable achievement will forever be a badge of honor for the players and their franchise.

MVP and All-Tournament Team

Recognition is not limited to the winning team alone. The tournament will also highlight an exceptional player as the Most Valuable Player (MVP), who will be celebrated for their outstanding contributions. Moreover, an All-Tournament Team will be assembled, showcasing the standout performers throughout the competition.

NBA In-Season Tournament Prize Pool

Cash Prizes Add Extra Thrill

In addition to the glory of the NBA Cup, an enticing cash pool has been set up to further reward the teams that demonstrate exceptional skill in the knockout stages. Here’s a glimpse of the cash rewards awaiting the teams:

  • Teams exiting in the quarterfinals: $50,000
  • Teams making it to the semifinals: $100,000
  • Runners-up in the championship: $200,000
  • Champions of the tournament: $500,000

These generous cash prizes serve as a powerful motivator for the teams competing in the In-Season Tournament, adding an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings.

NBA In-Season Tournament Trophy

The NBA In-Season Tournament Trophy is a symbol of excellence and achievement in the world of professional basketball. Introduced in the 2023-24 regular season, this trophy represents the pinnacle of success for teams participating in the tournament. Crafted with precision and adorned with intricate details, it stands as a testament to the dedication, teamwork, and skill that propel a team to victory. All 30 teams have their eyes on the trophy along with prize.

Beyond its material value, the trophy holds immense sentimental worth for players and fans alike, immortalizing the triumphs of the winning team for generations to come. It serves as a tangible reminder of the extraordinary feats accomplished in the heat of competition, making it a cherished accolade in the NBA’s illustrious history.

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Fair Play and Excellence Rewarded

The 2023-24 season will see the In-Season Tournament prize pool distributed among the players of the teams that participate in the Knockout Rounds. The further a team advances, the more substantial the allocation they receive. This system ensures that exceptional performance is duly recognized and rewarded.

NBA In-Season Tournament League Honors

Individual Brilliance Awards

As the In-Season Tournament concludes, the NBA will unveil the Most Valuable Player of the competition and the All-Tournament Team. The selection process takes into account players’ exceptional displays in both the Group Play and Knockout Rounds. This allows individual brilliance to take center stage and be celebrated.

A Bright Future for In-Season Tournament Prizes

The team that emerges triumphant in the tournament will not only claim the illustrious NBA Cup but also take home $500,000 per player. Second-place finishers will receive $200,000 each, while players on the semi-finalist teams will pocket $100,000 each. Even the quarterfinalists will not leave empty-handed, with each player earning a respectable $50,000. These prize amounts are set to increase season by season in tandem with the growth of the league.


The introduction of the NBA In-Season Tournament and its accompanying prizes has injected a new level of excitement and anticipation into the basketball season. With the illustrious NBA In-Season Tournament Cup, cash rewards, and individual awards, players have every reason to give their all in pursuit of victory. As the tournament unfolds, we eagerly await the crowning of the first NBA Cup champion and the recognition of the tournament’s Most Valuable Player and All-Tournament Team. This is a momentous stride forward for the NBA, and fans around the world are poised to witness history in the making.

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