NBA In-Season Tournament Knockout Round | Quarter, Semi & Championship Final

Experience the thrill of the NBA In-Season Tournament knockout rounds. Watch as top teams compete in intense quarterfinals, high-stakes semifinals, and the ultimate championship final. Don’t miss the action-packed showdowns for the NBA Cup.

The NBA In-Season Tournament has introduced an electrifying new dimension to the regular-season action. After the intense Group Play stage, where teams battled fiercely, it’s time for the knockout rounds. Let’s dive into the thrilling details of this high-stakes competition.


From the Group Play stage, eight teams have emerged as the cream of the crop. These include the top team from each group and two “wild card” teams with the best record from their respective conferences among those who finished second in their group. These teams are now set to face off in the knockout rounds.

NBA In-Season Tournament Knockout Round Schedule

The schedule of NBA In-Season Tournament Knockout matches is available in the following. The venue for quarterfinals will be decided after the completion of group play matches.

Dec. 4Quarterfinals[Team 1] vs [Team 2]TBD
Dec. 4Quarterfinals[Team 3] vs [Team 4]TBD
Dec. 5Quarterfinals[Team 5] vs [Team 6]TBD
Dec. 5Quarterfinals[Team 7] vs [Team 8]TBD
Dec. 7SemifinalsWinner of [Match 1] vs Winner of [Match 2]Las Vegas, USA
Dec. 7SemifinalsWinner of [Match 3] vs Winner of [Match 4]Las Vegas, USA
Dec. 9ChampionshipWinner of Semifinal 1 vs Winner of Semifinal 2Las Vegas, USA

Single-Elimination Matches

The knockout rounds are a single-elimination affair, leaving no room for error. Teams that falter will see their tournament dreams end, while the winning teams will advance to the next stage.

Quarterfinal Showdown

The action kicks off with the Quarterfinals, which will be played on Monday, Dec. 4 and Tuesday, Dec. 5. The two teams in each conference with the best record in Group Play games will host these critical games. A tiebreaker protocol will be followed to determine the host in case of ties.

NBA In-season Tournament Quarterfinals

Neutral-Site Matches

The Semifinals promise even more excitement as they shift to Las Vegas, serving as a neutral battleground for the contenders. Here, the Quarterfinals winners will strive for a coveted spot in the Championship. The semifinal matches will be played on Dec. 7.

The Grand Finale

The Championship, the pinnacle of this tournament, will be held on Dec. 9. In a fitting climax, the best teams from each conference will clash for the ultimate honor: the NBA Cup. This game will not count towards regular-season statistics, ensuring all focus remains on seizing victory.

NBA In-season Tournament Semis & Championship

Regular Season Impact

While the Championship may not affect regular-season records, all other games in the In-Season Tournament, including the Quarterfinals and Semifinals, will be counted as part of the regular season. It means every win in the knockout rounds adds weight to a team’s regular-season performance.

Additional Games for Non-Qualifiers

As the knockout rounds unfold, the teams that didn’t make the cut will still be in action. They’ll play two regular-season games on Wednesday, Dec. 6 and Friday, Dec. 8. The matchups will be determined based on Group Play standings, ensuring competitive games even for those outside the tournament’s final stages.

NBA In-season Tournament Key Dates

NBA In-Season Tournament Knockout Broadcast

The Knockout Rounds of the NBA In-Season Tournament promise to be an electrifying spectacle for basketball fans worldwide. With single-elimination games set to unfold in the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and the Championship, the stakes are sky-high. As the top teams from each group clash in high-intensity matchups, the action will be nothing short of riveting.

From buzzer-beaters to clutch plays, every moment will be captured and brought to life through our broadcast. Join us for an unforgettable basketball experience, as we witness these teams battle it out for the coveted NBA Cup. Stay tuned for the thrilling action, live on your screens


The NBA In-Season Tournament Knockout Rounds promise high-stakes drama, fierce competition, and unforgettable moments. With Las Vegas as the backdrop for the Semifinals and Championship, the stage is set for a battle of epic proportions. As teams vie for the NBA Cup, fans worldwide will be treated to basketball at its most intense. Get ready to witness history in the making.

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