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NBA In-Season Tournament Live Score: The NBA is undergoing a thrilling transformation in the 2023-24 season with the introduction of the NBA In-Season Tournament. A blend of European soccer tournament excitement and the WNBA Commissioner’s Cup, this new addition is set to captivate basketball fans around the world. As we dive into this innovative concept, let’s explore the tournament format, the national television matchups, and how you can keep up with live scores as the action unfolds.

The Tournament Format: The NBA In-Season Tournament mirrors the exhilarating format of European soccer competitions and the WNBA Commissioner’s Cup. Teams are divided into groups based on their win-loss records from the previous regular season. Each team will play four Group Play games, with two at home and two on the road. The top eight teams, four from each conference, will advance to the Knockout Rounds.


NBA In-Season Tournament Live Scores

National Television Matchups: The tournament kicks off with Group Play games on select Tuesdays and Fridays in November, which have been aptly dubbed “Tournament Nights.” ESPN and TNT are your go-to channels for live coverage. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the national television matchups:

Fri, Nov. 3New York vs. MilwaukeeEast B7:30 PM
Fri, Nov. 3Dallas vs. DenverWest B10:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 3Cleveland vs. IndianaEast A7:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 3Washington vs. MiamiEast B8:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 3Brooklyn vs. ChicagoEast C8:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 3Golden State vs. Oklahoma CityWest C8:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 3Memphis vs. PortlandWest A10:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 10Brooklyn vs. BostonEast C7:30 PM
Fri, Nov. 10L.A. Lakers vs. PhoenixWest A10:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 10Philadelphia vs. DetroitEast A7:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 10Charlotte vs. WashingtonEast B7:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 10New Orleans vs. HoustonWest B8:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 10Utah vs. MemphisWest A8:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 10Minnesota vs. San AntonioWest C8:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 10LA Clippers vs. DallasWest B8:30 PM
Fri, Nov. 10Oklahoma City vs. SacramentoWest C10:00 PM
Tue, Nov. 14San Antonio vs. Oklahoma CityWest C7:30 PM
Tue, Nov. 14LA Clippers vs. DenverWest B10:00 PM
Tue, Nov. 14Miami vs. CharlotteEast B7:00 PM
Tue, Nov. 14Atlanta vs. DetroitEast A7:00 PM
Tue, Nov. 14Indiana vs. PhiladelphiaEast A7:00 PM
Tue, Nov. 14Orlando vs. BrooklynEast C7:30 PM
Tue, Nov. 14Dallas vs. New OrleansWest B8:00 PM
Tue, Nov. 14Portland vs. UtahWest A9:00 PM
Tue, Nov. 14Minnesota vs. Golden StateWest C10:00 PM
Tue, Nov. 14Memphis vs. L.A. LakersWest B10:30 PM
Fri, Nov. 17Philadelphia vs. AtlantaEast A7:30 PM
Fri, Nov. 17Sacramento vs. San AntonioWest C7:30 PM
Fri, Nov. 17Phoenix vs. UtahWest A10:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 17Milwaukee vs. CharlotteEast B7:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 17New York vs. WashingtonEast B7:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 17Detroit vs. ClevelandEast A7:30 PM
Fri, Nov. 17Boston vs. TorontoEast C7:30 PM
Fri, Nov. 17Orlando vs. ChicagoEast C8:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 17Denver vs. New OrleansWest B8:30 PM
Fri, Nov. 17L.A. Lakers vs. PortlandWest A10:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 17Houston vs. LA ClippersWest A10:30 PM
Tue, Nov. 21Cleveland vs. PhiladelphiaEast A7:30 PM
Tue, Nov. 21Utah vs. L.A. LakersWest B10:00 PM
Tue, Nov. 21Toronto vs. OrlandoEast C7:00 PM
Tue, Nov. 21Indiana vs. AtlantaEast A7:30 PM
Tue, Nov. 21Phoenix vs. PortlandWest A9:00 PM
Fri, Nov. 24Boston vs. OrlandoEast C2:30 PM
Fri, Nov. 24Phoenix vs. MemphisWest A5:00 PM

Don’t Miss a Beat with Live Score Updates: As the NBA In-Season Tournament unfolds, keeping up with live scores is essential to stay in the loop and follow your favorite teams. Fortunately, the NBA has you covered. Here are a few ways to stay updated:

NBA in season tournament schedule

Where you can watch match online

ESPNNew York vs. Milwaukee
ESPNDallas vs. Denver
ESPNCleveland vs. Indiana
ESPNWashington vs. Miami
ESPNBrooklyn vs. Chicago
ESPNGolden State vs. Oklahoma City
ESPNMemphis vs. Portland
ESPNBrooklyn vs. Boston
ESPNL.A. Lakers vs. Phoenix
ESPNPhiladelphia vs. Detroit
ESPNCharlotte vs. Washington
ESPNNew Orleans vs. Houston
ESPNUtah vs. Memphis
ESPNMinnesota vs. San Antonio
ESPNLA Clippers vs. Dallas
ESPNOklahoma City vs. Sacramento
TNTSan Antonio vs. Oklahoma City
TNTLA Clippers vs. Denver
ESPNMiami vs. Charlotte
ESPNAtlanta vs. Detroit
ESPNIndiana vs. Philadelphia
ESPNOrlando vs. Brooklyn
ESPNDallas vs. New Orleans
ESPNPortland vs. Utah
ESPNMinnesota vs. Golden State
ESPNMemphis vs. L.A. Lakers
ESPNPhiladelphia vs. Atlanta
ESPNSacramento vs. San Antonio
ESPNPhoenix vs. Utah
ESPNMilwaukee vs. Charlotte
ESPNNew York vs. Washington
ESPNDetroit vs. Cleveland
ESPNBoston vs. Toronto
ESPNOrlando vs. Chicago
ESPNDenver vs. New Orleans
ESPNL.A. Lakers vs. Portland
ESPNHouston vs. LA Clippers
TNTCleveland vs. Philadelphia
TNTUtah vs. L.A. Lakers
ESPNToronto vs. Orlando
TNTIndiana vs. Atlanta
ESPNPhoenix vs. Portland
NBA TVBoston vs. Orlando
NBA TVPhoenix vs. Memphis
  1. Official NBA Website and App: The NBA’s official website and mobile app are your ultimate sources for live scores, game highlights, and in-depth statistics. You can access live scoreboards, real-time updates, and post-game analysis, all in one place.
  2. Sports News Websites: Leading sports news websites like ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and NBA-specific outlets provide live score updates for all NBA games, including the In-Season Tournament matches. You can also find comprehensive coverage, expert opinions, and player interviews.
  3. Social Media: Follow the NBA and your favorite teams on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for live score updates, video highlights, and behind-the-scenes content. Engage with fellow fans, discuss the games, and share your excitement.
  4. Mobile Apps: Download mobile apps dedicated to basketball, such as the NBA app, which offers live scores, real-time notifications, and the latest news, all at your fingertips.
  5. TV Broadcasts: If you’re watching the games on ESPN and TNT, you’ll also have access to live scores and statistics throughout the broadcasts.

Conclusion: The NBA In-Season Tournament is set to bring a fresh and thrilling dimension to the 2023-24 season. With live score updates readily available through various channels, you can follow every dribble, dunk, and three-pointer. Get ready to immerse yourself in this exciting competition and witness which team will claim the coveted NBA Cup and $500,000 for each player. The action begins on November 3, so don’t miss out on a moment of the action!

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