Cleveland Cavaliers Rosters for NBA In-Season Tournament 2023

The Cleveland Cavaliers rosters for the 2023-24 NBA In-season tournament presents a compelling blend of established talent and up-and-coming players. Together, they hope to steer the franchise towards a new era of competitiveness, with star power in Donovan Mitchell and a promising frontcourt anchored by Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley.

Nevertheless, the challenges of playoff inexperience and concerns about the team’s depth must be collectively addressed for the Cavaliers to realize their full potential on the court.

Cleveland Cavaliers Squad 2023

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had their share of ups and downs over the years, but the 2023-24 season marks a new beginning for this historic franchise. With a promising mix of seasoned veterans and rising stars, the team is looking to make waves in the competitive landscape of the NBA.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Rosters for NBA In-Season Tournament

The Cleveland Cavaliers, established in 1970, have a rich history in the NBA. They’ve experienced success, notably winning the NBA championship in 2016. However, in recent years, the team has been in a rebuilding phase. The 2023-24 season marks a new chapter for the Cavaliers, as they aim to return to the playoffs and compete for another title.

Cleveland Cavaliers Rosters Overview

Let’s take a look at the Cavaliers’ roster for the 2023-24 season:

Jarrett AllenC256′ 9″243 lbsTexas$20,000,000
Emoni BatesF196′ 10″170 lbsEastern Michigan
Sharife CooperPG226′ 1″176 lbsAuburn
Darius GarlandPG236′ 1″192 lbsVanderbilt$34,005,250
Ty JeromeSG266′ 5″195 lbsVirginia$2,439,025
Damian JonesC286′ 11″245 lbsVanderbilt$2,586,665
Caris LeVertSG296′ 6″205 lbsMichigan$15,384,616
Sam MerrillSG276′ 4″205 lbsUtah State$1,997,238
Donovan MitchellSG276′ 1″215 lbsLouisville$33,162,030
Evan MobleyPF226′ 11″215 lbsUSC$8,882,760
Isaiah MobleyF246′ 8″238 lbsUSC
Pete NanceF236′ 11″230 lbsNorth Carolina
Georges NiangSF306′ 7″230 lbsIowa State$8,800,000
Isaac OkoroSF226′ 5″225 lbsAuburn$8,920,795
Craig Porter Jr.G236′ 2″186 lbsWichita State
Justin PowellG226′ 6″197 lbsWashington State
Ricky RubioPG326′ 2″190 lbs$6,146,342
Zhaire SmithG246′ 3″205 lbsTexas Tech
Max StrusSG276′ 5″215 lbsDePaul$14,487,684
Tristan ThompsonC326′ 9″254 lbsTexas$2,019,796
Dean WadePF266′ 9″228 lbsKansas State$5,709,877

Team Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Versatile Forwards: The Cavaliers boast a dynamic frontcourt, with players like Jarrett Allen, Evan Mobley, and Isaiah Mobley who can score, rebound, and defend effectively.
  2. Backcourt Scoring: Donovan Mitchell, Caris LeVert, and Darius Garland form a potent trio that can light up the scoreboard, making them a threat from the perimeter.
  3. Defensive Presence: With shot-blockers like Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley, the Cavs have the ability to protect the rim and disrupt opponents’ offense.


  1. Lack of Playoff Experience: While talented, some key players lack significant playoff experience, which may pose a challenge in high-stakes situations.
  2. Depth Concerns: The Cavaliers may need to rely heavily on their starters, as the depth of their bench remains unproven.
  3. Inconsistent Shooting: Inconsistent three-point shooting could hinder the team’s offensive efficiency, especially in a league that values long-range shooting.

Player Records

Here’s a brief overview of some key players on the roster:

  • Jarrett Allen: A talented center, known for his shot-blocking and rebounding skills.
  • Darius Garland: A young point guard with great playmaking ability and scoring prowess.
  • Donovan Mitchell: A star shooting guard with the ability to take over games with his scoring.
  • Evan Mobley: A promising power forward who can impact the game on both ends of the floor.
  • Caris LeVert: A versatile shooting guard/small forward who can contribute in various facets of the game.


The 2023-24 Cleveland Cavaliers represent a team in transition. With a mix of young talent and experienced players, they have the potential to surprise the league. The frontcourt is exciting, and the backcourt can be explosive. However, their success will depend on how well they can overcome their weaknesses, such as lack of playoff experience and depth concerns.

As the season unfolds, Cavaliers fans will be eager to see their team evolve and compete at the highest level. With the right guidance and chemistry, this roster could become a formidable force in the NBA.


Who is the star player for the Cavaliers?

Donovan Mitchell stands out as the star player for the Cavaliers with his scoring ability and all-around skills.

How do the Cavaliers’ prospects look for the playoffs this season?

The Cavaliers have the potential to make a playoff run, but their lack of playoff experience and depth issues might be obstacles to overcome.

Are there any notable rookies on the team?

Emoni Bates and Justin Powell are among the rookies on the roster, with Bates, in particular, attracting attention due to his potential.

Which players have the most significant impact on defense for the Cavaliers?

Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley are the key defensive anchors in the Cavaliers’ lineup, known for their shot-blocking and rim protection.

What is the team’s recent performance in the NBA?

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ future looks promising, and fans can only hope for a successful and competitive season ahead.

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