Atlanta Hawks Rosters for NBA In-Season Tournament 2023

The Atlanta Hawks Rosters, boasting an exciting blend of established stars and promising young talents, have unveiled their 2023-24 NBA roster. With a fan base known for its unwavering support, the Hawks are gearing up for a season that’s filled with potential. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Atlanta Hawks’ roster, from their strengths and weaknesses to a closer look at each player’s record, ultimately painting a vivid picture of what to expect from this dynamic team.

The Atlanta Hawks, a rising force in the Eastern Conference, have embarked on the 2023-24 NBA season with a roster filled with talent, potential, and a dash of experience. In this article, we’ll provide you with an in-depth introduction to the team, present their roster in a table format, discuss the team’s strengths and weaknesses, delve into each player’s record, and conclude with some frequently asked questions.

Atlanta Hawks Team Introduction

The Atlanta Hawks, based in Georgia, have been making waves in the NBA with their exciting brand of basketball. They have a talented mix of young and seasoned players and have shown significant progress over recent seasons. With an energetic and innovative head coach and a dedicated fan base, the Hawks have emerged as a serious contender in the Eastern Conference.

Atlanta Hawks Rosters Squad

Let’s take a look at the Atlanta Hawks’ roster for the 2023-24 NBA season:

Atlanta Hawks Rosters Squad
Saddiq BeySF246′ 7″215 lbsVillanova$4,556,983
Bogdan BogdanovicSG316′ 5″225 lbs$18,700,000
Kobe BufkinG206′ 4″195 lbsMichigan$4,094,280
Clint CapelaC296′ 10″256 lbs$20,616,000
Bruno FernandoPF256′ 10″240 lbsMaryland$2,581,522
Trent ForrestG256′ 4″210 lbsFlorida State
AJ GriffinF206′ 6″222 lbsDuke$3,712,920
Mouhamed GueyeF206′ 11″210 lbsWashington State$1,119,563
De’Andre HunterSF256′ 8″221 lbsVirginia$20,089,286
Jalen JohnsonSF216′ 8″219 lbsDuke$2,925,360
Jarkel JoinerG246′ 1″180 lbsNC State
Seth LundyG236′ 6″220 lbsPenn State
Garrison MathewsSG266′ 6″215 lbsLipscomb$2,000,000
Wesley MatthewsSG366′ 4″220 lbsMarquette$2,019,706
Patty MillsPG356′ 0″180 lbsSaint Mary’s$6,802,950
Dejounte MurraySG276′ 5″180 lbsWashington$18,214,000
Miles NorrisF236′ 10″220 lbsUC Santa Barbara
Onyeka OkongwuPF226′ 9″240 lbsUSC$8,109,063
Brandon RandolphG266′ 6″190 lbsArizona
Keaton WallaceG246′ 3″185 lbsUTSA
Trae YoungPG256′ 1″164 lbsOklahoma$40,064,220

Team Strengths and Weaknesses


  1. Versatile Scoring: The Hawks possess a mix of scoring options, from the dynamic Trae Young to sharpshooters like Bogdan Bogdanovic and Patty Mills.
  2. Frontcourt Depth: With Clint Capela, Bruno Fernando, and Onyeka Okongwu, the Hawks have a formidable frontcourt presence.
  3. Youthful Energy: The team features promising young talents like AJ Griffin, Kobe Bufkin, and Jalen Johnson.
  4. Defensive Prowess: Dejounte Murray and De’Andre Hunter provide the Hawks with strong defensive capabilities.


  1. Inexperience: While the youth is a strength, it can also be a weakness as it may lead to inconsistency.
  2. Playmaking Depth: The Hawks rely heavily on Trae Young for playmaking, and a backup point guard option is needed.
  3. Perimeter Defense: Improvements are needed to guard against three-point shooters effectively.
  4. Health Concerns: Some key players have a history of injuries, which could impact the team’s consistency.

Player Records

Let’s briefly explore the records of some key players on the Atlanta Hawks:

  • Trae Young: A dynamic point guard, Young is known for his exceptional scoring and playmaking. He has consistently been among the league’s top scorers and assist leaders.
  • Bogdan Bogdanovic: A seasoned shooting guard, Bogdanovic is a scoring threat from beyond the arc. He provides valuable experience to the team.
  • Clint Capela: Capela is a dominant force in the paint, excelling in rebounding and shot-blocking. His presence adds depth to the frontcourt.
  • De’Andre Hunter: Hunter is a versatile forward who can score, defend, and rebound effectively. He’s a key component of the Hawks’ defense.
  • Patty Mills: A veteran point guard, Mills brings leadership and three-point shooting to the team, which can be crucial in critical moments.


The Atlanta Hawks have a promising roster for the 2023-24 NBA season, with a blend of youth, experience, and versatility. If they can address their weaknesses and stay healthy, they have the potential to make a deep playoff run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the star player of the Atlanta Hawks?

Trae Young is the star player and leader of the Atlanta Hawks.

What is the team’s recent performance in the NBA?

The Hawks have been steadily improving and reached the Eastern Conference Finals in the 2020-21 season.

Are there any notable rookies on the team?

AJ Griffin, Kobe Bufkin, and Jalen Johnson are promising rookies on the Hawks’ roster.

What are the Hawks’ prospects for the 2023-24 season?

The Hawks have a competitive roster, and their prospects depend on factors like player health and consistency. They have the potential to be a strong playoff team.

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