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In the world of professional basketball, few teams can boast a history as rich and enduring as that of the Portland Trail Blazers. Established in 1970, the franchise has weathered its fair share of challenges, but it has also consistently delivered thrilling moments and unforgettable basketball. Over the years, the Blazers have built a devoted fan base and earned respect throughout the league. This article delves into the captivating story of the Portland Trail Blazers, exploring their journey from inception to the present day.

Birth of the Franchise

The inception of the Portland Trail Blazers can be traced back to 1970 when the NBA expanded to include two new teams, the Buffalo Braves (now the LA Clippers) and the Portland Trail Blazers. The team was the brainchild of Portland businessman Harry Glickman, who led the charge to bring professional basketball to the Pacific Northwest.

The Blazers’ first season in 1970-71 was predictably challenging, as expansion teams often struggle to find their footing in the NBA. They finished with a modest 29-53 record, but it was a promising start for a team still finding its identity. However, the franchise was on the cusp of something special.


The 1976-77 Championship Run: “Rip City”

The defining moment in the Blazers’ early history came during the 1976-77 season. Led by coach Jack Ramsay and a roster that included stars like Bill Walton, Maurice Lucas, and Lionel Hollins, the Blazers embarked on an unforgettable playoff run. They bulldozed through the Western Conference playoffs, setting up a Finals showdown with the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Finals series against the 76ers, featuring the iconic duel between Walton and Julius Erving, became legendary. In Game 6, the Blazers found themselves trailing late in the fourth quarter. It was then that Blazers’ play-by-play announcer Bill Schonely coined the term “Rip City” in reference to a long-range jump shot by Jim Barnett. The shot ignited the team and the crowd, and the Blazers went on to win the game and secure their first NBA championship.

The 1976-77 championship run remains a cherished memory for Blazers fans, and it solidified the team’s place in NBA history.

1976-77 Championship Run Rip City

The Clyde Drexler Era

While the 1977 championship was a high point, the Blazers faced challenges in the years that followed. Injuries plagued Bill Walton’s career, leading to his departure from the team, and the Blazers went through a period of rebuilding.

However, the franchise experienced a resurgence in the 1980s with the emergence of Clyde Drexler, one of the greatest players in franchise history. Drexler, known as “Clyde the Glide,” became the face of the franchise and led the Blazers to numerous playoff appearances.

In the 1989-90 season, the Blazers made it to the NBA Finals once again, this time facing the Detroit Pistons. Though they fell short of a championship, the team’s tenacity and skill left an indelible mark on the league.

Clyde Drexler Era

The ’90s and “The Jail Blazers” Era

The 1990s were a mixed bag for the Blazers. On the one hand, they continued to be a competitive force in the Western Conference, making several deep playoff runs. However, the decade was also marked by off-court controversies and a perception problem. The team’s roster included talented but troubled players, leading to the nickname “The Jail Blazers” in the media.

Despite the off-court distractions, the Blazers remained competitive. The 1999-2000 season saw them return to the Western Conference Finals, led by stars like Rasheed Wallace and Scottie Pippen.

The New Millennium and “The Brandon Roy Era”

The 2000s ushered in a new era for the Blazers, characterized by a fresh roster and renewed hope. The drafting of Brandon Roy in 2006 marked a turning point. Roy, a dynamic and charismatic guard, quickly became a fan favorite and the face of the franchise.

Under the leadership of Roy and coach Nate McMillan, the Blazers experienced a resurgence. The “Blazers Rise” campaign captured the hearts of fans as the team made multiple playoff appearances.

However, injuries cut short what could have been a longer and more successful run for Roy. Despite his career being shortened, his impact on the franchise and the city of Portland remains profound.

The Damian Lillard Era: “Dame Time”

In 2012, the Blazers struck gold once again with the sixth overall pick in the NBA Draft. Damian Lillard, known for his incredible shooting range and clutch performances, quickly became the face of the franchise.

Lillard’s leadership, scoring ability, and unwavering loyalty to Portland endeared him to fans. “Dame Time” became synonymous with his penchant for hitting game-winning shots and carrying the team on his back.

Under Lillard’s guidance, the Blazers consistently made the playoffs, even reaching the Western Conference Finals in the 2018-19 season. While a championship has remained elusive, Lillard’s commitment to the city and his iconic moments have solidified his legacy as one of the greatest Blazers of all time.

Dame Time

Portland Trail Blazers Squad for NBA in Season Tournament

Ibou BadjiC207′ 1″240 lbs
Moses BrownC237′ 2″245 lbs
John Butler Jr.F207′ 0″190 lbs
Jerami GrantSF296′ 8″210 lbs
Scoot HendersonG196′ 2″196 lbs
Keon JohnsonSG216′ 3″185 lbs
Kevin Knox IISF246′ 7″215 lbs
Damian LillardPG336′ 2″195 lbs
Nassir LittleSF236′ 5″220 lbs
Skylar MaysSG266′ 4″205 lbs
Justin MinayaF246′ 7″210 lbs
Kris MurrayF236′ 8″215 lbs
Jusuf NurkicC297′ 0″290 lbs
Shaedon SharpeSG206′ 5″200 lbs
Anfernee SimonsSG246′ 3″181 lbs
Matisse ThybulleSG266′ 5″201 lbs
Jabari WalkerF216′ 7″200 lbs
Jeenathan WilliamsG246′ 5″205 lbs
Justise WinslowPF276′ 6″222 lbs

NBA In Season Tournament Schedule for Portland Trail Blazers

NBA In-Season Tournament Schedule 2023 

Friday, November 3Memphis Grizzlies
Tuesday, November 14Utah Jazz
Friday, November 17Los Angeles Lakers
Tuesday, November 21Phoenix Suns

All time best 10 Players of Portland Trail Blazers

Clyde Drexler18,0406,9575,3391,79571910-time NBA All-Star, NBA Champion, Hall of Famer
Damian Lillard15,000+4,000+800+Multiple-time NBA All-Star, All-NBA Team selections
Bill Walton6,2154,9232,576303827NBA MVP, NBA Finals MVP, NBA Champion, Hall of Famer
Terry Porter11,3303,2487,1601,583932-time NBA All-Star, 2-time All-Defensive Team
LaMarcus Aldridge12,5624,6481,079433812Multiple-time NBA All-Star
Jerome Kersey10,0675,0782,1001,582827NBA Champion
Maurice Lucas9,9335,5581,352655504NBA Champion, NBA All-Star
Sidney Wicks10,5926,3891,191561358NBA Rookie of the Year
Arvydas Sabonis5,6293,4361,588582257NBA Rookie of the Year, Hall of Famer
Cliff Robinson10,4054,9491,1519371,075NBA Sixth Man of the Year

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All time record

All-time regular season record (1970–present)2,2712,009.531
All-time postseason record (1970–present)119155.434
All-time regular and postseason record (1970–present)2,3902,164.525

Hall of Fame


19Lenny WilkensPG1974–19751989
32Bill WaltonC1974–19791993
44Dražen PetrovićSG1989–19912002
22Clyde DrexlerSG/SF1983–19952004
33Scottie PippenF1999–20032010
11Arvydas SabonisC1995–2001, 2002–20032011


Jack RamsayHead coach1976–19861992
Lenny WilkensHead coach1974–19761998
Rick AdelmanAssistant coach, Head coach1983–1989, 1989–19942021

These individuals have made significant contributions to the Portland Trail Blazers and the world of basketball, earning their spots in the Hall of Fame.

Challenges and Resilience

The Blazers’ history has not been without its challenges. Injuries to key players, postseason heartbreaks, and fierce competition in the Western Conference have tested the team’s resilience. However, through it all, the franchise has remained committed to its core values and the passionate fan base in Portland.

Notable Figures and Achievements

The Portland Trail Blazers have seen their fair share of notable figures and remarkable achievements throughout their history. From iconic players like Bill Walton and Clyde Drexler to legendary coaches like Jack Ramsay, the franchise has produced a legacy of excellence that includes NBA championships, Western Conference titles, and numerous All-Star selections. The Blazers’ journey through the NBA has been marked by the contributions of these exceptional individuals, cementing their place in the annals of basketball history.

Ownership and Leadership

The Blazers’ ownership and leadership have played a pivotal role in shaping the franchise’s identity. Visionaries like Harry Glickman, who was instrumental in bringing the team to Portland, laid the foundation for its success. Over the years, the ownership has changed hands, with leaders who have remained committed to the team’s growth and success. Their strategic decisions and investments have ensured the Blazers’ continued relevance in the NBA.

Sponsors and Partnerships

Sponsors and partnerships have been a crucial aspect of the Blazers’ operations. The team has collaborated with various corporate entities and local businesses to enhance the fan experience and support community initiatives. These partnerships have not only provided financial stability but have also contributed to the team’s positive impact on Portland’s economic landscape.

Team Captain and Players

The Blazers’ history is replete with legendary team captains and players who have left an indelible mark on the franchise. From the leadership of Bill Walton and Clyde Drexler to the scoring prowess of Damian Lillard, these individuals have been the heart and soul of the team. Their on-court brilliance and dedication to the city of Portland have endeared them to fans and solidified their legacies.

Schedule and Ambassadors

The Blazers’ annual schedule is a highly anticipated event for fans, with each season offering new challenges and opportunities. The team’s ambassadors, often former players or prominent figures, play a crucial role in connecting with fans and promoting the franchise. These individuals help foster a sense of belonging and pride among supporters while also engaging in charitable activities and community outreach.

Uniform Evolution

The evolution of the Blazers’ uniforms reflects both changes in fashion and the team’s own journey. From the classic red, white, and black to modern designs, the team’s uniforms have evolved while retaining iconic elements. Exploring this evolution provides a fascinating glimpse into the team’s visual identity over the years.

Community Engagement

The Blazers’ commitment to community engagement is a core aspect of their identity. Initiatives like “Blazers Build” and “Read Big” exemplify the team’s dedication to making a positive impact beyond the basketball court. The Blazers have actively supported local youth organizations, schools, and nonprofits, demonstrating their role as community leaders.

Portland Trail Blazers Team Branding

Portland Trail Blazers logo evaluation

The Portland Trail Blazers have a distinctive color scheme of red, black, and white. Their logo, known as the “pinwheel,” shows two basketball teams facing off, with one side in red and the other in black or white. In 1991, they tilted the logo slightly, creating a straight top edge.

The Blazers’ original uniforms were white for home games and red for away games. From 1970 to 1975, their uniforms had a tail design on the last letter of “Blazers” or “Portland.” During their championship season in 1977, the team name was written vertically on the right side.

After winning the championship, the Blazers adopted their iconic look, featuring a diagonal “blaze” strip on the uniform. They also switched their away uniforms to black. From 1977 to 1991, the team used lowercase letters, with a brief return to red uniforms from 1979 to 1985. In 1991, they switched to uppercase letters.

Over the years, there were updates to the uniforms, including silver accents and red alternates. The 2017-18 season brought changes when Nike took over, adjusting the city and team name alignment and modifying the red alternate uniform. In 2022-23, they introduced a new “Statement” uniform featuring only the iconic “pinwheel” logo in black and black/red side striping.

Additionally, the Blazers had special “City” uniforms. These paid homage to different aspects of Portland, from its coach Jack Ramsay to the Oregon landscape and native tribes. Each design told a unique story about the city and its history.

The team’s mascot, Blaze the Trail Cat, has been their official mascot since 2002. In the past, they had Bigfoot as a mascot, but it was discontinued after an incident. In 2023, they introduced a new Bigfoot character called Douglas Fur as a secondary mascot alongside Blaze.

As for unofficial mascots, Bill “The Beerman” Scott, a popular beer vendor-cheerleader, worked for the Trail Blazers from 1981 to 1985, among other pro teams.

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